Amber and Allergy relief

Posted on August 26 2015

As the days warm up and the sun shines a little longer here in the South, we all get a little excited about the arrival of Springtime! Beautiful yellow wattle trees light up the landscape and cherry blossoms line the streets, and soon the wildflowers will be out for their once a year appearance. It’s such a glorious time to rejuvenate, get out of the winter slump and take a look around at the landscape again. Rather than running for the indoors and cuddling in front of the fire (although love this too!) we relish the warming sun on our backs and faces and spending time outside is welcomed rather than avoided. It’s a magical time.

amber bracelet

Photo: Raw Butter; Raw Lemon and Raw Butter/Lemon Adult Bracelet

But with it bring the inevitable burden for some… hay fever and allergies!! Damn you pollen! Have you ever thought to try wearing Baltic amber? With great successes reported by many that Baltic amber has helped with allergies and allergy relief, maybe it’s worth a shot for you!! Lemon and Butter are the most popular choices for allergies and for some extra immune boosting power try the green amber. Its all natural, made by mother earth and looks fantastic on. Bonus!! Check out all the benefits of amber here.

Amber and allery relief

Amber and allery relief

Photo: Children's Light Green, Butter and Lemon Amber Teething Necklaces

Bring on the warmer weather!
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