Our Top 3 Baltic Amber Necklace colours

Posted on November 07 2015

We sell so many Amber necklaces these days, in so many different colours. But we thought it would be interesting to go back through our records and see what have been the most popular colours.

So here is our Top 3 Baltic Amber jewellery to Date.

Cherry - Such a great contrasting colour with beautiful dark hue's, cherry amber has been a clear favourite from our buyers.

Rainbow - Featuring a great layout of a few colours combined (Lemon, cognac, cherry,) Rainbow amber jewellery is a really nice colour for both boys and girls

Butter - Our most subtle colour, Butter Amber with its really light tones goes great with any clothing styles and looks nice and classy.

Baltic amber butter blatic amber teething necklace cherryBaltic amber teething necklace rainbow

What is your favourite colour amber?



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